Look Here, I'm Burglemir!
Agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi agi
baby New York (New York)
Agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi, agi agi baby New York
Hawkeye and Firdbird in the car
Hawkeye and Firebird do it in the car

Here is Hawkeye!
Here is Firebird!

Airplane, airplane! It's our airplane!
We drive in it and we fight crime in it!
Fly! Fly! Fly!


Ah, Enemy!
Ah, ah enemy watch out for we
Hawkeye and Firebird fight the evil of the world!

One, sister, tree, milk, afternoon, sea!
Train, shoe, who, lake, butterfly, head, water!

Come, go, come go!


Look up, two birds in the sky!
Hawkeye and Firebird up in the sky!
You know what it is we do?
Hey! We kick the criminal butt in two!

People around the world are afraid
No need to worry people!
We will fight and save!

We know all the tricks of our trade
We fight crime and we never get paid
We send the bad, bad guy to their grave
We know who to kill and who to save!

Look up at any time and any where
And you will see the mighty pair
Two guys both mean and carefree
Not to mention stars on tv

Look up it’s hanguk girl and metal boy
From the superworld we now avoid
We here to fly and to be
Lovers, fighters, and celebrities

If you feel in trouble
All you do is call
We will come and save you
Because that’s what we do

90-seconds Wonder

My wonder he like boots and shiny leder pants
He like to woo at night and no he never can’t
He got a wonder way there down in the pants
He's a ninety seconds wonder with one ninety-second chance!

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80...
90-seconds wonder!

My wonder he got prick as big as king of france
When he move his prick it reallly starts to dance
I like everything he has down there in his pants
He's a ninety seconds wonder with one ninety-second chance!


My love hotter than a fire (where is it?)
My love will get you on my fire (where is it?)
Like a real road run getter, I’m a real pussy wetter
Firebird don't know no better -- I'm a bad machine!

(He would like to say hello: hello!)

Your love is hotter than a fire (it's me!)
Your love burns up Firebird fire (it's me!)
You are my road run getter, your pussy get wetter and wetter
You know better -- you're a bad machine!

Our love fires all the fires (do you know?)
Our love electric funeral pyre (do you know?)
We are the road run getters, everything gets better and better
We are two fucking debtors -- two bad machines!

And just two bad machines we know fighting criminal ways
We will fight and save!


Mu oh ee yo (What is it?)

Big house, faraway city
Long road, bad weather

Black shoes, short road
Nice day, nice tomorrow

Who is it? It is.
What is it? It is.

I want to visit your house
I want to sleep there
I don’t want to wait
You may stay in this room
You can sit here
You don’t have to come back early tonight

You Know It
You know it, I know it, We know it
What do you say?
Let’s go it, Let’s show it, Let's blow it
What do you say?

You can go down it; I can go down it
We can be it good any time

Up in the air and over the sea
We will make crime-fighting fun and easy

You are the robot, I am the girl
And together we can take this whole, wide world!


Copyright 1991-2013 Jodie Baltazar and indicated parties