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Jarek Kupsc (writer/director)

Polish-born Jarek Kupsc has been involved in independent film production since 1982. He studied art and design in his native Warsaw and received a BA in Film Writing / Directing from San Francisco State University. He has been reviewing American movies for the Polish Radio and Internet, and ran a Graphic Design business before devoting his full attention to filmmaking.

His non-fiction book, The History of Cinema for Beginners, has been adopted as a textbook by several film schools.

As a writer / director / producer, Jarek completed numerous short films, including the Rosebud Award-winning Dog. A veteran of the San Francisco independent film scene, Jarek debuted with Recoil in the feature film category. Inspired by actual events from Southeast Asia and the recent conflict in the Balkans, Recoil attempts to penetrate the self-destructive behavior of former soldiers who begin to question their own morality.

Slumberland is Jarek's second feature film.



  • 2006 Special Jury Prize, Gdynia Film Festival, Poland


  • Best First Feature, Best Cinematography, 2002 Dahlonega Film Festival
  • Best Feature Film, 2001 Woodstock Film Festival
  • Best First Feature, 2001 Wine Country Film Festival


  • 1995 Rosebud Award for Best Drama, Short Film Category


Jodie Baltazar (writer/producer)

Jodie's background is n music and the performing arts. To see her work, click here.

She played in seminal early 90s no-wave bands MATH, Duotron, and DOT DOT DOT in Chicago, and with Quintron ran Milk of Burgundy, a performance spot that supported the doomed, anarchic madness.

Jodie went solo'in 1996 as Monontrona with Gorditz, the first of many singing, dancing Superbeings -- crazied anti-heros with some major personality problems. The Superbeings clan has grown since then to include Ooka, Jing Pow, Joey the Mechanical Boy, Hawkeye & Firebird, The Might Mun, Burglemir, and Nakadai the Samurai. Some are recorded for posterity, most are not.

In 2004 Jodie turned her focus to film and animation. She graduated with an MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California in May 2008.