Fom Pioro Scaruffi’s History of Rock Music: “…a psychotic form of abstract pieces that mixed progressive-rock, noise, absurdist vaudeville, no wave and free-jazz, like a hybrid of Mars, Boredoms, God Is My Co-Pilot, Half Japanese and Art Bears…Duotron’s compositions were fits of delirium tremens. The girl wails and screams and mumbles, while she is beating the drums like a madwoman breaking kitchenware in a mental hospital. The guitar is never in tune (in fact they would break a couple of strings to make sure it could not possibly be in tune) and is generally strummed frantically at random (the guitar tunings were actually complex microtonal formula). Tracks (some as short as ten seconds) are sheer chaos.”


Duotron was Rikkeh Suhtn and Jodie M’Kahn. It was formed in 1994 just as MATH was breaking up and called it quits by February 1996. 


We Modern! We Now! (Bulb) 1995

BOT/Duotr  ON/Xerob (Coat tail), Split with Xerobot, 1996

Batalia Feminil! (Bulb) 1996

OT/Duotr  ON/Xerob (Coat tail), Split with Xerobot, 1996

Duotron vs Tom Smith (Menlo Park) 1997

The Complete Book of Duotron (Scratch) 1997