An adolescent boy draws the shortest lot in a grim dystopian children’s game in which he must hunt down a man-beast and bring back a lock of its hair before the other children find him. Under chase by the other children, the boy abandons the path for the deep woods. As he journeys, the forest comes alive around him culminating in the figure of the Wildman, an injured and vulnerable creature with leaves and sticks for blood and bones.


Writer, Editor, Director: Jodie Baltazar 
Producers: David K. Wilson, Kasia Trojak
Cinematographer: Nicola Marsh
Composer: Robert Gross
Animator: Devin Bell



Selected Screenings and Awards

Lucas International Children’s Film Festival, Frankfort, Germany
BUFF, Malmo, Sweden
Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival
Dakino Film Festival, Best Short
Finger lakes Film Festival, Best Short
Curtocircuito, Spain


Stop motion animation / Live action, Children’s, Experimental, Horror

Year, Length, Format

2008, 13 minutes, 35 mm HD finish

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