“When I pulled the cryptic record out of the wood stain-spattered “Rubber Musique” LP sleeve (which contained no information) and  put the needle on the record, I wanted to stay in Chicago…this record for me was the audio equivalent of my experiences of Chicago and all the dark moldy crevices that were still waiting to be explored. I was 18 and my head was exploding from the Hairy Who and No-Wave!” from WFMU Beware of the Blog (2006)


MATH was Robert Rolston, Michael Colligan, and Jodie Mecanic. It was formed in Chicago in early 1990 and ended in mid-1994. The band often performed in their own performance space “Milk of Burgundy”.


The Delicate Ape (Milk of Burgundy) 1990

Elrod’s Baby Doll Mambo (7 inch) 1992

Bask Math (Bulb) 1993

Rubber Musique (Milk of Burgundy) 1994


As far as I know, there are no extant recorded performances of MATH.